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executive search

Executive Search

Leadership requirements in today's world continue to change, but the need for high-performing executives remains a constant. Identifying and attracting this type of talent requires a diligent approach to assessing candidate’s ability to be successful in specific roles and situations, a thorough understanding of the industry involved and its many faceted roles, unrivaled access to senior executives and impeccable judgment.

We combine our extensive network and years of practical experience with a proven executive search and assessment process to help you find leaders who best fit your organization’s unique needs.

board advisory


The presence of a strong, independent and effective board is increasingly critical to the success of every organization. For more than 40 years, we have been trusted advisers to organizations looking to build and enhance their board of directors.

Through our board advisory, board assessment and director recruitment services, we can help your board improve its effectiveness and performance.

leadership consulting


Organizations that cultivate and sustain high-performing senior leadership teams are more likely to become sussessful. We identify and measure the factors that have the greatest impact on the health of top leadership teams, including team styles and dynamics, and provide advice for improving team performance and alignment with the future direction of the business. We advise on areas such as team formation, role definition and structure.

ceo succession


An organization’s ability to place the right leader at the top has never been more important to its performance and sustainability in today’s competitive marketplace. As expert advisers on executive assessment and the CEO selection process with in-depth knowledge of best practices on succession, The Beech Hill Group is uniquely qualified to assist boards with the important task of CEO succession planning, helping organizations design a process that is effective, fair and credible.

executive assessment


We assess individual leaders and executive teams to provide the insight organizations need to make the smartest investments when developing next-generation leaders for key roles. In addition to conducting smaller tailored assessments for individuals or leadership teams, we offer broader programs to assess the top layers of management. Our development-focused assessments provide objective, actionable information about individuals in order to identify leadership potential in succession candidates; inform strategies to build and sustain the talent pipeline for key roles; gain insights on roles, industries and culture impact; optimize team effectiveness and develop onboarding plans for new executives.

diversity and inclustion


Diversity of thought contributes to a more complete understanding of opportunities and issues, fostering better decision-making and competitive advantage. For many companies, demographic shifts and expansion into new markets will result in a more geographically dispersed and multicultural workforce.

Organizations able to tap into contributions from high-performing executives from a broad set of backgrounds and experiences will be in the best position to succeed in an increasingly complex marketplace. We are committed to providing the most qualified and inclusive candidate slates available.

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