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 Ernest Taylor has recently managed one of the largest and most profitable offices in the world for Ward Howell International for almost a decade.  The Atlanta office provided the marketing strategy for the company.   As a member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Taylor chaired the Finance Committee of the firm.

By capitalizing on his more than twenty years of experience, Beech Hill Group was founded in 2004.  Mr. Taylor wants to offer clients a more personal, thorough, cost conscience recruitment.  By allowing you to take advantage of his solid and successful expertise, your company will benefit. The path to Beech Hillís success began by a taking a small entrepreneur company to becoming a part of worldwide firm, Boyden International.  The Atlanta office was sold to Ward Howell International.  As one of the major shareholders, Mr. Taylor was instrumental in Ward Howell International being acquired in 1998 by LAI, a publicly traded firm.  The combined $90 million firm was sold to TMP/Monster.com in 1999.  He, along with a number of his former partners, joined A.T. Kearney.

Prior to executive search Mr. Taylor spent ten years as a Senior Vice President with two major Southeastern banks which are now part of Bank of America and Wells Fargo Banks.